Giving Birth? Recommended Hospital Bag Essentials from a Mom!

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As a woman preps for the most auspicious and beautiful time of childbirth, it's of utmost importance to have the essentials so recovery can be as comfy and smooth as possible.

Let's dive right into our favorite essentials, shall we?


Nursing Bras
We highly recommend coming in to get fitted for easy and supportive nursing bras at the end of 8th / beginning of 9th month. Our focus is always to fit you into a super soft wire free nursing bra that will carry you through the first couple of weeks postpartum. We don't recommend wearing an underwire until at least 12 weeks postpartum to avoid breast infections and unnecessary discomfort.
Our favorite choice for an all day wire free nursing bra is one that's sized by Small, Medium, Large.. as opposed to cup sizes since those are stretchy enough to accommodate growing breasts. It is almost impossible to guess accurately what your cup size will be once the breast milk comes in. So the safest and most comfortable option is an easy to size and easy to wear bra :)
For night-time nursing, these are our faves:
While we're on the topic of bras, these silicone LilyPadz nursing pads are a customer favorite for night time nursing / preventing milk leakage.


Oh! One more must-have item if you're planning on pumping. The click n pump nursing bra add on is a lifesaver. Pump hands free!

Let's continue compiling the hospital bag with more amazing must-haves.

  • Comfy mom is key. Stock up on soft and easy nursing nightgowns or hospital gowns as many like to call it. If you're a pajama lover, go for it! 
  • morning robe or wrap

     is a lifesaver when unexpected guests make their appearance or if you're in the mood for a stroll but don't feel like getting dressed. Slip into one of our luxurious wraps and you're set.
Now, for the little stuff that make a big difference. Let me tell you that!
  • Leak proof panties are just what the doctor ordered. Available in bikinis, hipsters, or briefs, these will catch those unwanted drips.
  • Don't give birth without these VCOOL perineal gel packs. Flexible stay-cool packs slip into your undies and provide relief for postpartum swelling, itching and burning. 
  • Always a great idea to pack a mini perfume or body lotion so you can feel human when you need it most! 
3 more items that are worthy of mentioning here so you know those items exist just in case you need it. (I wish someone told me that it existed when I gave birth, so I'm sharing it with you :)
  • Silverette Nursing Cups  are the secret remedy for bleeding or cracked nipples. Made out of 925 sterling silver, it uses the natural healing power of the silver mineral and works its magic. This has helped so many women continue breastfeeding when they were almost ready to give up.
  • Belly Bandit Postpartum wraps will help your body get back into shape quicker if worn within 6 weeks after birth when your body is contracting naturally and trying to heal. We recommend wearing these even after the 6 weeks mark as it assists in training your body to shape up!
  • Magical Wool. This natural product is a lifesaver for soothing and healing cracked nipples (and yes, also diaper rashes and lots of other skin issues). Definitely a great product to keep handy.
  • Lastly, if you're having or had a c-section, these briefs are a must. Features targeted compression to reduce swelling with silver-infused fibers to help eliminate bacteria and odor.
Words from an experienced mom: listen to your body. Take the time to heal and adjust to this wonderful new journey of motherhood. Enjoy all these fabulous products that are here to make this a remarkable time.
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