We recommend hand washing with lingerie wash. If a bra is being put into a machine, it must go into a wash bag.
Constant contact with body heat causes bras to stretch. Try alternating more often, wash it and let it rest while you switch off with another bra.
In order for a bra to have optimal support, it needs to hug the body, including the bridge. The cup needs to capture all of the breast tissue inside. Breast tissue is a living thing and it needs to breathe. When the underwire cuts into it, oxygen supply is cut off.
We recommend getting refitted every 8-10 months. Our bodies do change, even though the weight has not been gained or lost.
A bra shouldn’t have an anniversary! Most bras lose their support before it turns a year old!
Whatever will work for your frame/body shape best! Even though a bra has a fantastic minimizing capacity, it doesn’t mean it’ll flatter your body shape.
Every bra has a different shape. We like to work with different shapes to figure out which shape will flatter/minimize every customer’s frame. Just because a bra doesn’t have a “minimizer” tag, doesn’t mean it won’t minimize beautifully. Most of our best-selling minimizers don’t have “minimizer” tags.
Soft breast tissue is common. It usually occurs when lots of weight is lost, breastfeeding was stopped, postmenopause… Try to find a bra with a band under the wire for more support. Or, add a rubber in addition to the band for optimal support.
Usually it will. Most women can be up to a cup size larger on their cycles. Try to avoid shopping during those days.
Were you on your cycle? Usually, that’s the cause. Weight loss (even 5 lbs) can also significantly affect fit. Some people lose weight on their chest first.
At the end of the 8th, beginning of the 9th month. Try to get 2 comfy bras for the beginning that you’ll be comfortable lounging and sleeping in. Usually, at 6-8 weeks, the milk supply settles and a regular supportive bra can be purchased then.
No! Our conversions are done in a way that the extra space of the clips that we’re adding is cut away so it’s still lifted and supported.
Usually at 3 months.
If you’ll wear it consistently, it’ll act as a waist trainer. It’ll help your waist and hips go back into form.
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