Pregnancy Lifesavers: Products that Every Mom-To-Be Should Know About


Every month has an average of 30 days, except for the last month of pregnancy which has about 1,330 days. 


Sounds familiar? We feel you. Pregnancy is a blessing although it comes with its set of discomforts. As a mom, I gravitate to the products that make life's moments more comfortable. And pregnancy is no exception.

This comprehensive product guide will hopefully lessen those aches and pains!


Firstly, let's talk bras. After all, we are the bra experts :)

As your body embraces pregnancy, hormones will affect your breast size.  Most women experience a growth in cup size (and later on in pregnancy, band size) until the end of the 4th, early 5th month. At that point, the size stabilizes. As your rib cage begins to expand to make room for your growing belly, the band will get tight. Sometimes, all you need is a bra extender to give you more wiggle room. You might feel the need to get fitted for comfortable, soft, wire free bras in your 7th or 8th month if the extender solution isn't working and discomfort is becoming your daily companion.
We recommend getting fitted for comfy wire free nursing bras towards the end of the 8th/early 9th month.


Maternity Panties

Comfy panties are key in pregnancy. We have a nice selection of maternity briefs.
If you prefer to have a lower cut panty that will hit right under your belly, consider a bikini.


Belly Bandit SOS Charcoal S.O.S. Sleep on Side Sleep Pillow

The SOS pregnancy pillow that literally "grows" along with you. Say hello to sleeping comfortably again.


Add Some comfy loose fitting pj's and sleep shirts to your lingerie drawer. Your sleep will just not be same :)


Loose fitting pajamas:



Loose fitting nightshirts:



There are lots of "baby belts" out there for extra pelvic support. We've tested lots and these are hands down our 2 best sellers:

Features a hot/cold gel pack that fits neatly in the back pocket for instant relief.
Effective prevention of back pain, especially in the final weeks of pregnancy. Thanks to integrated flexible stretch zones sitting down is not a problem since the belt adapt to your movements.


Bellybandit V-SLING Black Pelvic Support Band

 The doctor-recommended V-Sling is specifically designed to address severe pelvic pain associated with pregnancy. This flexible, neoprene sling is easy-to-use and highly adjustable to provide maximum support of the uterine wall and relieve pelvic and vaginal pressure. Say goodbye to pregnancy waddle, pain and discomfort with this innovative support that can be worn day or night.

The V- Sling is designed to support your belly and uterine wall, which may help with: 

  • Symphysis Pubis/Pelvic Girdle Pain 
  • Pelvic floor support, pressure and heaviness
  • Weight distribution and mobility
  • Uterine prolapse 
  • Inguinal and femoral hernia
  • Vaginal or vulvar varicosities


Check out our selection of maternity shapers for those special occasions when you want that little extra pull!


Don't forget about our grand selection of maternity shell dresses. 


Get extra protection with these thin panty liners. 


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