Spring & summer staples you don't want to find yourself without!


Nipple Shields
When the t-shirts come out, nipple shields come out too!

Purpose: to avoid nipples from showing through t-shirts.

There are lots of different types of nipple shields

Our most popular one is the Edith's Bezi bra discs. A silicone disc that is reusable and washable. It lasts for a long while if handled with care!

Some other great reusable options:

We also sell disposable nipple shields:

Half Slips
Avoid those clingy skirts.

Half slips are a great solution for unlined skirts and dresses. It acts as a protective barrier to keep the clothing from clinging to the body.

Most of our half slips are made out of similar fabrics, all performing the same function. Half slips are available in black, white, and beige colors.

Heirloom Taffeta Half Slips are available in Black & Nude 23", 25", 27" 29" & 31"

Shell Slips
Eliminate all those layers.

A shell slip is an awesome invention that has a shell top and slip skirt attached as one dress.

It's available in sleeveless, 3/4 sleeves, and long sleeve options as well as different lengths. We also carry seamless shell dresses for those sheer skirts and dresses that can't handle seams or lace trims. 

Shell Dresses
A shell dress is a seamless dress ideal to act as a lining for any sheer dress.
Gemsli: A bonded fabric available in black and white and in 37", 39", 41" & 57".

Memoi: A bonded long sleeve shell dress available in black, nude, and white and in 38" & 42".

Sparrow: A shell dress made entirely out of a shell fabric. Since the fabric has body, it's great for layering! Available in black, ivory, and white and in 40", 43", 44" & 57".



Skimmies or Shorties

However you refer to them, these are summer lifesavers. If you suffer from heat rashes or chafing skin, these shorts will surely save the day.

2109 Slip Short975240 Au Natural Comfort Intended Shorty


Sweat Shields
Preserve your t-shirts & dresses.

Sweat shields are lifesavers and prolong the lifespan of clothing.

For the washable shields, it's important to note the difference between vinyl and fabrapel options.

Vinyl shields contain a "plastic" lining in the shield which acts as a barrier to prevent the sweat from leaking right through. This is a great solution for someone that sweats profusely.

Fabrapel shields don't contain the plastic lining in the shield. This option works well for moderate to medium sweaters as it won't cause you to sweat even more and it has just enough protection

Sew in shields 
Perfect for gowns or dresses that you want to preserve. This gets sewn directly into the garment. One size. 

Snap on shields 
A newer invention to the market, snap on shields get snapped on to the bra straps. It's the perfect solution for a seamless shield as there are no additional strings showing through. One size.

Stay rite shields
The old fashioned forever old shields that are worn as a vest around the chest area. Sized as XS, S, M, LG, XL and 2X.

Disposable Shields:
Ideal for that elegant evening dress or white shirt you plan on wearing but don't want to ruin. Also great for gowns and for travel.
Great for men & woman:
A contoured shield suitable for women:
A value pack so you get more bang for your buck! Great for men and women:

Sweat Wipes
Wipe once and reap the benefits for 7 days!

Sweat wipes are a blessing to humanity. It contains the same ingredients as regular deodorant, just more concentrated.

Bra Liners
Sweaty underwires are not fun, especially when it causes heat rashes.

Cup care liners to the rescue. Available in 2 sizes, it's a disposable shield that gets stuck into the inner side of the bra to act as a barrier and absorb sweat.


Clothing Tape

Hem hanging? buttons on the shirt popping? Tape to
the rescue!

This is the product every woman needs in her handbag! The sky's the limit of what this product can be used for. It literally works in any situation you need a quick fix.


A double sided roll of tape you want to keep in your handbag for any emergency!

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