Yours Truly: Lakewood's New Lower Level

It's an oasis of high-end luxury.
It's a sophisticated classy experience.
It's personal.
It's Yours.



When we opened MySelf Lingerie almost 9 (!) years ago, I could never have imagined the journey it would take me on. On a personal and business level. It's a journey I'm forever grateful to be on every single day.

Very early on, I had a vision. I wanted to give women a sacred and beautiful space to hang out in. A space filled with luxurious and exclusive items for every woman to enjoy. A space that felt like a spa. A space where every woman can just be herself in her comfort zone.


When we signed our lease for our Lakewood shop, I looked at my husband and said - I want to incorporate this "vision" into the store. I felt it had ample space to make this dream a reality. Long story short, we dug out a staircase so that we could eventually renovate the lower level. For 3 years, I designed and redesigned, and designed yet again (@cweingarteninteriors can agree!). I had a dream and I wanted to make sure I am able to bring it to reality on every level.

I saw unbelievable Siyata Dishmaya every step of the way. Hashem literally winked to me and said, "I see your intentions and will make sure it comes to fruition". The staircase tiles were backstocked due to Covid, but then the company @lucida_surfaces rolled out a prettier one just in time. The display pieces we had planned to use were sold out, again due to Covid. But we found beautiful alternatives.





Finally, helped us come up with an appropriate name for this "vision". Yours Truly was born.

Yours Truly is YOUR sacred space. It feels intimate. It feels relaxing. It feels unique. Allow yourself to indulge in all that it has to offer.

Yours Truly awaits.

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