Bravado Washable Nursing Pads / 3 Pairs

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Bravado 9011 Washable Nursing Pads / 3 Pairs

The Washable Nursing Pads is a 3-pack of super cute and super soft reusable breast pads. With a wicking mesh layer, absorbing inner layer and leak-proof outer layer, these nursing pads are the ideal thickness to wear under your nursing bra. Simply wear the soft mesh layer against your breast, and the absorbent cotton-modal center and moisture-barrier outer layer keep your nursing bra and clothes dry. It’s a great complementary item to wear with any of your Bravado Designs nursing bras! All Bravado Designs styles are tested and certified in accordance with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX requirements, which ensures products are free from harmful substances.


  • Super soft mesh layer against your skin with moisture-wicking and odor resistance for added comfort
  • Absorbent double-layer cotton-modal core to keep you feeling dry while moisture barrier outer layer prevents leaks
  • Ideal thickness to maximize absorption without adding bulk under your nursing bra
  • Washable and reusable breast pads for eco-friendly sustainability
  • Multi-pack of 3 pairs of nursing pads in an assortment of fun colors and prints that are easy to wear while breastfeeding
Bravado Washable Nursing Pads / 3 Pairs
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