Badei Penina Supersoft Knit Bedika Cloths 20 Pack

Badei Penina
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Badei Penina Supersoft Knit Bedika Cloths 20 Pack

Badei Penina rabinically approved, premium bedika cloths provide the ultimate in softness.


  • Highly absorbent
  • Made of 100% pre-washed, extra fine cotton
  • Boasts an exceptionally soft, superior knit
  • Ideal for even the most sensitive skin types
  • Rabbinically approved by Eida Charedis Badatz in Yerushalayim and over two dozen other prominent rabbonim


Why do people prefer Badei Penina over other bedika cloths?

Our fabric is exceptionally soft and extremely smooth, giving it a feather soft feel and unparalleled gentleness.

What makes Badei Penina so soft?

Unlike many other bedika cloths, Badei Penina are made out of a knit fabric, giving the product a softness and pliability
that is simply unlike any other bedika cloth that is on the market today.

Why should I purchase bedika cloths if I could just cut up old undershirts and make my own?

Not only were Badei Penina developed to have the perfect absorbency level, they are contamination free, have the right
amount of fullness per inch and the perfect clean, white color to create the ideal circumstances for a bedika.

Why is it necessary to have the string at the bottom of the bedika cloth?

Actually, the string isn’t necessary at all but is there for added customer convenience.

Badei Penina Supersoft Knit Bedika Cloths 20 Pack
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