CupCare 12 pk Bra Liners (A-D)

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CupCare 12 pk Bra Liners (A-D)

CupCare is a thin soft liner that covers the bottom part of the bra and acts as a barrier between the bra to the skin, thus protecting the skin below the breast, absorbing sweat and saving the bra from wear and tear

ABSORBS SWEAT – Pulls moisture away from body and keeps breasts dry. The CupCare liner prevents rashes under breasts and skin irritation under the breasts by pulling moisture away from skin and into the liner. The sweat is trapped inside the liner and does not come in contact with the skin or with the bra. Doctor Recommended!!

PROTECT YOUR BRA – Save money by not having to buy new bras. Extends the life of your favorite bra - you no longer have to wash your bra as many times and you do.

PROTECTS YOUR SKIN – Acts as a barrier between the bra to the skin, helps to protect from chafing and rubbing of the bra. Skin stays fresh and clean throughout the day.

ELIMINATES BAD ODORS - Reduces potential for under breast rash and bacteria growth, as well as helps prevent B.O.

EASY TO USE – Perfect for office and everyday activities. Use once and throw away, Just peel the strip and stick on the bra. It is strong enough to stay in position while you are wearing it.

3 layers of nonwoven fabrics

Comes individually wrapped, for women on the go!

CupCare 12 pk Bra Liners (A-D)
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