Kleinert's White Breathable Cotton Face Mask

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Kleinert's FM775 White Breathable Cotton Face Mask   

  • Washable Cotton Face Mask. Fluid-Resistant, Anti-Bacterial & Stain-Resistant to Covid-19.
  • Made in USA.Our advanced face masks provide fluid-repellency (so virus penetration is retarded), stain-repellency and stops bacterial growth . Our masks are ultralight with nose dart so comfort and confidence of the wearer is assured.
  • 2 way protection. No virus comes in and no virus goes out! Only air can pass through our mask so breathing is easy but not airborne fluids associated with Covid-19.
  • You can literally hold soft, noiseless Fabrapel® cotton under a running faucet and the water will simply pool and not pass through.It will not generate heat so the wearer stays comfortable while breathing.

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