Swim Tips Nobody's Ever Told You!

Swim Tips - wash lingerie with Soak
As we dive into swim season, here are some tips on how to wash and care for your swim pieces. It's no secret that swimsuits and swim dresses are pricey and for good reason: swim fabric is unique. It's made out of a 4 way stretch material so your body can move around freely in the water, yet it also needs to dry really quickly. Preserving and showing extra love will prolong its lifespan so you can enjoy your swim pieces even longer.


  • Rinse your swimsuit or swim dress with cold water immediately after using. Chlorine eats away at the fabric so let's get that washed off!
  • Use gentle detergent when washing so it's easy on the fabric. We recommend using Soak which is made out of all natural ingredients.
  • Always air dry. Avoid leaving it directly under the sun so the colors don't fade.

 Happy swimming!

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