Avoid shopping during that time of the month

Yes. You heard that right.

If there's ever a time you shouldn't shop for bras, it's during "that time of the month".

You can be up to a full cup size larger than normal.

Knowledge is power. Every woman deserves to know this little secret. Spread this tip to every woman you know and share this with your daughter too when introducing her to bras, will you?
I recall having a customer having a breakdown at me because she never knew such a concept existed and claimed that if I was right, I should be standing at the door of the shop and greeting each customer with this tip! Not sure if customers would appreciate that though :)
Instead, we have an "all about bras" guide playing in our fitting rooms. And I can't wait for the new version to roll out really soon because it's EPIC! Thanks to @michellemozes for bringing my crazy fantasies into real life!

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