The Chaya Tzipory Kallah Initiative: Giving Back



Every kallah deserves to have a beautiful trousseau. We take pride in pampering brides and assisting them in curating their lingerie wardrobe as they embark on their magical journey of marriage.

What should be the most exhilarating time in a kallah’s life can sometimes turn into a nightmare. Be it a broken home, financial difficulties, the reasons are many.

After much thought into how we can make a difference, we came up with this beautiful initiative. We teamed up with Links, an amazing organization that assists orphans in the most discreet and dignified manner. Together, we transform the bridal experience for orphaned brides. One happy kallah at a time.

Every dollar you graciously donate towards this initiative, will help make an unfortunate situation turn into a brighter one.

This project was undertaken L'ilui Nishmas my unforgettable sister in law, Chaya Tziporah bas R' Avrohom, who was taken from us in her prime. May her neshama have an aliyah.

Chaya Tzipory, you will always be remembered and remain in our hearts forever. 

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